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Tuber Brumale Vitt (tartufo nero d’inverno o trifola nera)

Tuber Brumale Vitt.
(black winter truffle or black tuber)

Tuber Brumale Vitt. commonly called black winter truffle or black tuber, is similar in part to the Tuber Melanosporum Vitt. It is a good-excellent quality truffle and is widely used in cooking, cut into thin slices or ground up and not forgetting to take note of the correct grade. Cooking with extra virgin olive oil brings out the natural flavors and aromas. The perfect companion for: game, meats, fresh pasta food, fish, sweets, desserts, vegetables, cereals, eggs, cheese, omelets, saffron, honey and balsamic vinegar.


From 1 January to 15 March


From 1 January to 22 March