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Tuber Mesentericum Vitt (tartufo nero ordinario)

Tuber Mesentericum Vitt.
(ordinary black truffle)

Tuber Mesentericum Vitt. commonly called ordinary black truffle, from the organoleptic point of view it is superior to the Tuber Macrosporum Vitt., which should also be sold separately from the noblest Tuber Melanosporum Vitt. It is used in cooking, cut into very thin slices or ground taking into account the particle size and often used to make sauces and pates, again, our company does not promote. Extra virgin olive oil accompanies many recipes, fresh pasta, meat pastries and desserts, fish, legumes, cereals, eggs, cheese, omelets, game, saffron and honey.


From 1 November to 15 March


From 1 November to 22 March